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"Divine Design"

Astrological Report & "Human Design" Chart
(& Chakra table below :) Name :: Lauren Gould ~
Birthdate :: 10/28/56 ~ Place :: Chicago ~ Time :: 3 pm

Sun Sign :: Fire / Ego (daytime personality)

Scorpio :: 3 aspects (scorpion, eagle, phoenix) 
intense, magnetic, penetrating perception, power to confront

You demand an intimacy and honesty in your life that can be challenging to others.

 In fact, you're an excellent counsellor as you're insightful and not frightened of tackling the minefield of emotions which surround subjects such death, sexuality and metaphysical experiences. 

You're an intense person, who likes to bypass the superficial side of life and delve deeply into the meaning of life. 

You are an effective communicator. You enjoy intellectual stimulation, and look for avenues through which to communicate your ideas. 

You have the ability to be a unique and original leader.

Moon Sign :: Water / Soul (identity at night)

Virgo :: meticulous, discriminating, pure, 
practical, health conscious hard working

"You will experience a strong link between 
emotions and the body. You have a need for perfection."

(Jupiter in Virgo) You have a strong desire to be of service, and high religious or spiritual ideals.

Ascending Sign :: outward self (perception of)

Pisces :: compassionate, sensitive, 
self-sacrificing, gentle, intuitive

"You are sensitive, impressionable, romantic, sentimental, imaginative, affectionate, kind, helpful and MISUNDERSTOOD!"

(Mars in Pisces) You have a strong drive for a spiritual path.
(Mars conjunction) You are an active and energetic person, with plenty of spontaneity and drive to express your individuality. You may sometimes be a little blunt and straightforward.

Descending Sign :: partners, relationships (participation with)

Libra :: even-handed, harmonious, artistic, 
diplomatic, balancing, strong sense of fairness,

"You are fun loving, generous and popular. 
You love to share adventures and philosophies."


 North Node :: This Life's Purpose

Sagittarius :: The Arrow of Truth !!
inspiring, broad vision, enthusiastic, goal seeking, truthful

"This is a quest for loyalty and one pointed vision. You are in search for knowledge which will add to your understanding of the world. You enjoy travel, study, religion, philosophy ~ anything that sparks your quest. You need to develop a sense of direction and higher vision, with an emphasis on spiritual values."

(Saturn Conjunction) You are being challenged to take a responsible role in groups. 
You may prefer your own company, but this is the life you need to work steadily with others to achieve your goals.

 Mid Heaven :: professional life

Sagittarius :: "You have an enthusiastic approach to your career ."

(Pluto Trine) You will be powerful and resourceful in your chosen career, and may have a transformative effect on those around you. For this reason, you make a better leader than a follower. You may find that you choose a career that enables you to delve into the bottom of things. This can be literally plumbing or mining, or delving into the human psyche in career paths such as psychology.

Chiron :: Wounded Healer (past life)

Aquarius :: "Pain for you is experienced in groups... You will have the ability to join groups with a cause, particularly those that heal humanity or teach spiritual values.

You have the ability to undertake original and creative schemes. You may have eccentric or unconventional hobbies or creative pursuits. You have willful desire for freedom, and are likely to cut ties and to make sudden changes if circumstances or people stand in your way."

(Sun Square) You have difficulty shining your life because of a childhood wound, perhaps connected with your father. You lack confidence and feel lonely at times. You have much empathy for other people's suffering and may become a healer or counsellor.

Note :: Another example of manipulated "victimization" 
of divine feminine energy...

Consider This !! the US feminist movement was a propaganda campaign by the ruling Rockefeller family to get women into the workforce and more children enrolled in schools. The ultimate "divide & conquer" strategy to destroy the family unit and "enslave" us into the capitalist system run by the central banking elite.

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