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Are you feeling powerless?
Teal refers to the 6 videos below in this "awesomely authentic" video.

When Things are Out Of Your Control - Teal Swan -

When you feel out of control,
practice the law of allowing and
feel the strength of conscious surrender.

Have you fallen into a pattern of Bad Luck?

I Can't Trust The Universe (I Feel Like God is Against Me) - Teal Swan-

If many of us are honest with ourselves, we do not trust the universe. We feel like the universe is against us. Our lives feel like a very scary dance whereby we feel the odds are stacked against us and that it pleases the universe to watch us suffer. Every positive thing that comes into our lives is viewed as a cruel trick that will turn into a source of suffering. Our futures seem harrowing and bleak. In this episode, Teal explains what to do if you feel this way about the universe (or God).

Ask for Help.

Letters To God - Teal Swan

At the most ultimate level, the level we call Source or God, all is one. All essentially is God and is indivisible from God. So, the living room table is God, your mother is God, your dog is God, the grass growing outside is God. You are God. Everything is just a different expression of this one energy, which is imbued with consciousness that we call God or Source. What does this mean? It means you can mentally bypass the person or the dog, or the grass or the table or your mother and talk to the God in them. It’s a bit like pretending that the only relationship you do have is with Source and that this being called Source is simply expressing itself to you in all these different ways for the sake of your own awareness and growth. So, for example, if you get in a fight with your mother, you can write directly to God about why God (as your mother) decided to make you feel the way you feel. In this episode, Teal suggests a technique for connecting with source.

Amend your desires.

Nervous Breakdown (What To Do About A Mental or Emotional Breakdown) - Teal Swan -

A nervous break down, also known as a mental or emotional breakdown, is a temporary but severe stress induced crisis that causes you to lose your ability to function as normal and you experience a collapse. A nervous breakdown is overwhelming and painful to the degree that you feel like you can’t handle life anymore. In this episode, Teal explains what causes a breakdown and also what to do about a nervous breakdown if it should occur.

Are you unconsciously creating your reality?

The Meaning of Pain - Teal Swan -

No one wakes up in the morning and says, “my goal is to have a really painful day”. Most people spend literally their whole life trying to escape and avoid pain. Take a look at our lives. While there are some things we do specifically because we are following our joy, the bulk of things we do in our life, we do specifically to avoid and escape pain. This dysfunctional relationship with pain, does not serve us. In this episode, Teal explains the meaning of pain and helps us to improve our relationship with it

Connect to something greater...

Does Prayer Work? Do Prayers Get Answered? - Teal Swan

What is Prayer? It is asking. Prayer is the setting forth of an intention with pure focus and then opening up in a vibration of faith in order to receive. Prayers are ALWAYS answered. But people do not always put themselves in the space to receive what they have asked for. When your prayers are not answered it is NEVER because source is withholding from you. The law of the universe is ask and it is given. It is because the law which supersedes that law is the law of attraction. What this means is, no matter how hard you ask or try with words or actions, the universe is responding to your thought (focus). Beliefs must match outcomes. Many people who pray think that their focus is on what they want, but the prayer feels desperate because their focus is actually on what they DON'T want. Teal explains that the way to make a prayer offer you up results is to BELIEVE in it. And what's more, the key to creating the life you want to live is not needing to see before you believe, it is believing before you see.

Choose LOVE over Fear.

Uncertainty (How to Deal with Uncertainty) - Teal Swan-

Uncertainty is the state of being when something is either not known or not decided. When something is not known or not decided relative to a circumstance that causes us stress or pain, we feel vulnerable. There is no sense of resolution. This lack of resolve in and of itself adds to the distress you feel. You start to feel powerless, hopeless, out of control and desperate. In this episode, Teal explains how to deal with Uncertainty and reveals to us how to embrace uncertainty, instead of resist it.