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Lauren Lee Gould
exploring the space between Art & Technology

I have always felt like an outsider watching “the world turn” and resisting the status quo. This has caused me to develop a highly conscious “out of the box” way of looking at and contemplating life. This perspective has influenced and nurtured my critical thinking skills and visions of what else is possible. I am all about innovation!

Due to my rebellious nature, in college I took on the role of artist, hippy, rasta, jewelry maker, hiding out in the beautiful woods of Northern California. Upon returning to LA, I had the opportunity to work for my father who is a pioneer in adult development and computer assisted therapy. I found myself working for Interactive Health Systems for over 16 years developing interactive psycho-educational software, as well as implementing and administering its use within corporations and healthcare organizations.

In the midst of my new career as a “concept engineer” the internet was born. I can remember the early days when I would get really upset about the limited perspective that was adopted as a standard for the Internet. “They” automatically and prematurely overlaid the newspaper magazine model onto the browser window and let the advertising dollars lead the way! It still bothers me today how powerful the “trends” are in influencing the expectations of how websites should “look & feel” - rather than say and do. (It just doesn't' feel right to me ... kind of like female cops on TV wearing high heels :)
At Interactive Health Systems we pioneered the first online self help community on Prodigy! This helped to birth my passion to design sustainable people-centered digital learning communities. However due to the dominant false assumption that online content should be for free, this has inhibited the manifestation of my membership model visions :(

Just before the original bubble burst, we (IHS) were positioned to be the interactive content experts in a new company in San Francisco, partnering with Psychology Today and a division of Procter Gamble. That was my chance to be a VP in a well-funded startup.

After the fall, I did a big pivot and went offline to return to my roots as an artist entrepreneur, and created several products working with sales reps, trade shows and FAXES! I enjoyed the experience and success of creating my home based boutique business as Lauren Lee Designs.

After many years, it was time to get back online. I produced a custom shopping cart with a keyword friendly, visually rich, dynamic database to manage both products and customers. From the admin system, I could publish to both a retail shop (with merchant account) and a wholesale site for purchase orders. Including the ability to create and send custom product sheets to potential buyers. 

In a short period of time, I was organically on the top of the first page of Google search! (Not so easy now:)
That was a fun exercise and I had a good time until I got bored. Maintenance, competition and social media are not appealing to me. I need to feed my curiosity and creativity, as well as utilize my analytical and integration skills, along with my desire to transform myself and the world around me. 

This has led me to my current mission, which is to facilitate the evolution of humanity by planting the seeds for Higher Consciousness in the hands of the digitally distracted. I would like to see the power of technology and media focused on facilitating personal growth and spiritual awareness so we can create social and economic structures fit for human consumption. 

So in the mean time (and in between time) I play with Google. I am working on being as authentic and transparent as possible, as I simplify my life in search of inspired action. Google tools have been an invaluable part of my process, as I digitally explore, capture and iterate my "thought forms." 

And as the internet proliferates at a exponentially overwhelming speed, I have chosen to invest my time & efforts with Google, as opposed to Microsoft or Apple (or wordpress or facebook, etc.) 

This is my experience, perspective and skill set that I have to offer others :)