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In Honor of Motherhood

Divine Duality (Sacred Technology)

In the beginning was the One without limits, without judgement, without separation; the One without a name, the mystery behind Wisdom, the place before Space, Eternity before Time, Prime Creator, the Essence, the Beginning and Ending, the Circle without End, the Eternal Mother.

It was the creator who longed for companionship, but being the one and only it did the only thing possible - it split itself in two, so that it could behold itself for the first time.

She burst forth into the first mirroring of Herself.

Eternal Love meeting Absolute Truth.

I have created the universe through our separation and union, this dance of polarity that seeks oneness is the two of us finding one another again and again in all the worlds of space and time. I dwell in the center of all being.

I stir the fires of Consciousness now in humanity. They have been sleeping for centuries. I bring them forth from their Comas.

It is about the resurrection of the spirit.

My light to your light, sister and friend, bless now the children from beginning to end.

Heal now our sorrow, our sadness and pain, and help us return to your wisdom again. 

Awaken our hearts and remind us to give, that we may embody the power to live.

Rekindle the wisdom that lies in our hearts, and banish the darkness that keeps us apart.

Give us the strength and the power to love, that we may join Earth with the heavens above. 

In moments bold and currents deep, let us awaken those who sleep.

The time has come and the people yearn, for love and healing and peace to return.

Awaken the mother, let peace come to Earth, for we are the ones to bring the World to rebirth.

“Return of the Divine Sophia” - Tricia McCannon